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The Belasco Theatre has been an institution in Manhattan since 1908, putting on performances for the better part of the last century. However it was suddenly shut down and put up for sale in October of 2012. Immediately a five way bidding war took place to purchase the location, all sensed that there was something special about this place. People sensed something very important lurked in the old theatre. After a rough bidding war, the place was finally bought. A Cabal of Mages, led by a Master of the Cult of Ecstasy, took possession of the theatre. Soon they realized what secret the place held…

When the Cabal investigated the tunnel beneath the theatre they found a room with a powerful node, and a working portal to the Horizon Realms. None of them dare tread across, for fear what may be on the other side.

But perhaps the new heroes that Michael calls will be brave enough to venture forth…


Everything you need to know about the New York in this universe.

Character Creation

Everything you need to know to make a character in Sympathy of magic, including basic information about Traditions, Spheres, and the Mage’s world.

House Rules

Anything that has been changed from the Mage: The Ascension book for this game.

Sympathy of Magic

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